A 90-minute private coaching intensive to become unstuck

from old patterns in love &

business & create the

prosperity you deserve.

You're an ambitious woman who's ready to create prosperous and fulfilling relationships in life and/or business.

You're ready to...

  • Uncover the root of your struggles and identify your past patterns and break free from them
  • Feeling deserving of love & success — without needing to overgive or strive for perfection to feel accepted by others.
  • Gain clarity on your needs, your wants, and your boundaries so that you can easily attract the right people in both love and business.
  • Have a healthier relationship with yourself knowing you always have your own back.
  • Boost your self worth and personal power t0 attract your soul people in life and/or business.
  • Break free from old habit that no longer serve you so that you can make space for what it is you are most desiring.
  • Feel deserving of the love & success you know you deeply desire

Here's how your Rewrite Intensive will go down..

  • Cultivating self-awareness: Self awareness is the foundation of personal growth and self development, and it’s essential for building fulfilling relationships in love and/or business. It will allow you to choose the right partner for you, or navigate conflict constructively, ensuring both you and your partner receive what you need.

  • We'll start your intensive with a 90-minute 1:1 personalized video coaching call to take a deep dive into your relationship needs and/or the ways in which you unconsciously hold yourself back in love & business. Uncover the root cause of your challenges in relationships and create a custom plan to move forward, making space for more love and more money in your life.

  • You'll also get access to personalized worksheets and exercises to help you gain clarity on your needs, wants, and tools to implement healthier coping mechanisms .

  • Develop self-worth and personal power. We will look at shifting into a healthier relationship with yourself so that you can create healthier relationships with potential partners or with your current partner.

Have we met yet?

I’m Mara. I’m an Attachment & Relationship Coach specializing in guiding ambitious women like you to heal their Attachment Style and transform the way you experience love with yourself, others and thrive in all areas in life.

I have been on my own attachment journey for years. I have walked many miles in your shoes. I know the feeling of waking up being a slave to my mind, and have no idea why or even where it comes from. I totally understand the heart-crushing and “stuck” feeling that comes from repeating behaviors you have tried so hard to change just to fall back into the same patterns. I have watched my relationship anxiety play out in painful scenarios-despite the fact that I “knew better” and I was working on myself. I was struggling to trust and give people the benefit of the doubt. Feeling constant anxiety around my personal & professional relationships, putting up walls to feel safe, avoiding my emotions and then I started avoiding relationships because I couldn't trust myself to be in a relationship with a partner.

Working through past experiences and healing has not been a smooth ride. In fact it was like riding a rollercoaster. I was up and down, always starting and stopping, lacking the consistency because I wasn't sure what I really needed to do. Are you anything like I was?

I’ve always been a little stubborn and determined and I suppose this has served a purpose because I never gave up and knew I wanted more out of life. I spent a lot of time and resources for over a decade on countless courses, therapy, strategy, workshops, training, and certifications, you name it I did it. All To be happier, more confident, and feel better about myself and attract the “right” partner and soul people. Why was I still feeling insecure, alone, and stuck in my patterns, habits and behaviors?

No matter how much you learn, your body still reacts and your mind is still spiraling before you get the chance to practice what you know and that’s just exhausting.

I finally broke the barrier of attracting unavailable partners, because I became available to myself and know what it takes to cultivate change that lasts and feel more secure.

What if I told you there was a simple way to take your relationships to the next level by gaining the knowledge you’ve been missing?

Not developing awareness of your own patterns or taking the time to understand the different attachment styles can lead to repetitive confusion in your relationships and/or business.

Together we can begin to uncover the ways you “learned” to relate and the core beliefs and unmet needs that are driving your behaviors. As you discover how to reprogram betrayal wounds, self-soothe, communicate better, yourself it will be eye opening and begin the process of healing old wounds and breaking patterns. By developing a new and fully integrated way to reprogram your attachment style and all of the painful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have been getting in the way of you finding and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship with your soul people that’s in authentic alignment with you IS possible.

Attachment Theory in LOVE: Is important for getting what you want in love because it provides

insight into the ways in which our early experiences shape our relationships, & offers a roadmap

for healing & growth that can help us create the healthy & fulfilling relationships we desire.

Attachment Theory in BUSINESS: Is important for business owners because it can help them develop greater emotional resilience & self-confidence, build healthier relationships & cultivate

the mindset necessary for success in business.

Rewrite Intensive is designed to break from old patterns and create a

new way to love by developing the skills and mindset needed to form

healthy, fulfilling relationships that support your growth and happiness


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Before completing your booking, you'll be prompted to answer some key questions about your relationship so that we can dive straight in during our call and make the most of every minute of our time together.