The Secure Heart

A 90-day private mentorship to learn how to love without fear, and become secure, seen, & connected in love, life, & business

You’re a woman that desires a sense of certainty in yourself and

relationships so that you can create and maintain fulfilling connections with others in life and love.

I see you there...

​You're in the right place if you connect with one or more of the following:

You’ve built up a safe place where you feel comfortable with your own company (however deep down, you long for finding a fulfilling relationship, or creating a stronger connection within an existing one.)

You feel stuck in your personal relationships and unable to achieve the success you desire in your professional life.

You may have had several relationships where you felt unseen and weren’t reassured, and it left you questioning whether the relationship you desire is really available to you or just a fantasy.

You fear having to go through the motions of yet another painful breakup a few months down the line.

You struggle with patterns of behavior that are holding you back from living the life you truly want.

On some level, you’re convinced that there’s something wrong with you and that you need to fix whatever “it” is before you can be fully loved and feeling not enough and undeserving of true fulfillment in life and/or business.

When you “over give” and struggle to set healthy boundaries – you can feel taken advantage of only to later feel angry and resentful.

Even when you’re in strong romantic relationships and friendships, you are highly suspicious of people at the same time, always scanning for signs of betrayal or wondering if they really do like you and you're always on alert.

You tend to hold yourself back in your business because of the fear of being visible.

You attach to the outcomes in your business because of the lack of trust and trying to control the way things play out.

You enjoy making new connections and having conversations but prefer to keep up a strong wall. Part of you fears people truly knowing or seeing you for who you are.

You’re likely repeating your same relationship cycles over and over again with no way out, not knowing where to start to create real change.

You worry constantly about living up to the fear that you’re going to end up alone.

You Are Not Broken and don’t need to be “fixed”...These Are Just Your Patterns, And Your Patterns Can Be Changed

Does any of this sound familiar?

​Many ambitious women face challenges in their personal and professional lives due to unresolved attachment wounds.

The truth is, through past life experiences with others, you developed an unconscious pattern of attachment as a means to protect yourself from future hurt.

As a child or from previous relationships it served a purpose to survive and cope.

Only now, that attachment is actually the thing keeping you from achieving the love, success and fulfillment you deserve.

If you're ready to feel more SECURE within YOURSELF and RELATIONSHIPS…



Instead of being a ball of anxious energy in relationships, you feel calm, safe, seen and connected.


Having the tools to recover from breakups, and/or navigate challenges of entrepreneurship in a much healthier way with compassion for yourself.


Feeling confident in your future and assured that with all your emotional awareness and mastery, you will no doubt end up with the person that’s right for you


Feeling deserving of love and success — without needing to over give or strive for perfection to feel accepted by others.


Being able to pause, reflect, and regulate your emotions instead of reacting on auto-pilot or taking situations personally.


Being attuned to your needs, your wants, and your boundaries. Having a healthier relationship with yourself knowing you always have your own back.


Because no matter what life throws at you, you know there is one person who finally loves you unconditionally and who will never abandon you again - and that’s YOU.

...Then The Secure Heart Program is Specifically for YOU

I know firsthand what it feels like to live in a state of longing, frustration and determination to create true, lasting change from within!

I also know how to make it happen~~

I’m Mara. I’m an Attachment & Relationship Coach specializing in guiding ambitious women like you to heal their Attachment Style and transform the way you experience love with yourself, others and in all areas of your life.

I have been on my own attachment journey for years. I have walked many miles in your shoes. I know the feeling of waking up being a slave to my mind, and have no idea why or even where it comes from. I totally understand the heart-crushing and “stuck” feeling that comes from repeating behaviors you have tried so hard to change just to fall back into the same patterns.

I have watched my relationship anxiety play out in painful scenarios-despite the fact that I “knew better” and I was working on myself. I was struggling to trust and give people the benefit of the doubt, Feeling constant anxiety around my personal and professional relationships, putting up walls to feel safe, avoiding my emotions and then I started avoiding relationships because I couldn't trust myself to be in a relationship with a partner.

Working through past experiences and healing has not been a smooth ride. In fact it was like riding a rollercoaster. I was up and down, always starting and stopping, lacking the consistency because I wasn't sure what I really needed to do.

Are you anything like I was?

I​’ve always been a little stubborn and determined and I suppose this has served a purpose because I never gave up and knew I wanted more out of life. I spent a lot of time and resources for over a decade on countless courses, therapy, strategy, workshops, training, and certifications, you name it I did it.

All To be happier, more confident, and feel better about myself and attract the “right” partner and soul people. Why was I still feeling insecure, alone, and stuck in my patterns, habits and behaviors?

No matter how much you learn, your body still reacts and your mind is still spiraling before you get the chance to practice what you know and that’s just exhausting.

I finally broke the barrier of attracting unavailable partners because I became available to myself and know what it takes to cultivate change that lasts and feel more secure.

What if I told you THERE IS A WAY to take your relationships and to

the next level by gaining the knowledge you’ve been missing?

Not developing awareness of your own patterns or taking the time to understand the different attachment styles can lead to repetitive confusion in your relationships and/or business.

Together we can begin to uncover the ways you “learned” to relate and the core beliefs and unmet needs that are driving your behaviors. As you discover how to reprogram betrayal wounds, self-soothe, communicate better, yourself it will be eye opening and begin the process of healing old wounds and breaking patterns.

By developing a new and fully integrated way to reprogram your attachment style and all of the painful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have been getting in the way of you creating prosperous connections with your soul's people that are in authentic alignment with you IS possible.

Attachment Theory in LOVE: Is important for getting what you want in love because it provides insight into the ways in

which our early experiences shape our relationships, & offers a roadmap for healing & growth that can help us create

the healthy & fulfilling relationships we desire.

Attachment Theory in BUSINESS: Is important for business owners because it can help them develop greater emotional

resilience & self-confidence, build healthier relationships & cultivate the mindset necessary for success in business.

The Secure Heart 1:1 program is your personal invitation to break free from your attachment trauma and create the love, life, and success that you deeply crave – and know, deep down, that you do deserve. This program differs from other personal development programs because it’s designed to work directly with your subconscious mind – which is ESSENTIAL for any lasting change to occur.

What is The Secure Heart?

1:1 Coaching Sessions-Private, personalized sessions to take a deep dive into your relationship needs and/or what is holding you back in business . If you are looking for a coaching experience that is completely tailored to your specific goals, ongoing support and accountability, 1:1 coaching is the right step for you.

These are the areas we will be focusing on during our time

together to create transformation.

Identify: Our initial first and second sessions will be dedicated to a deep dive into you, seeking truly to understand you, identifying attachment style and core wounds that you may not even know you hold. Awareness is the key to unlocking your healing.

Awareness: Self-awareness allows for a true understanding of things that may be keeping you stuck and allows you to bring it to the surface and do something about it. Awareness creates the space between you and your behavior in your relationships. Imagine consistently making real time decisions on how you respond & show up in your relationships in a way that meets your needs. This is stepping into your power.

Transformation: With a solid understanding of yourself & your patterns you will show up differently in your relationships. You will truly know your needs, and express them So you no longer have to shut down or withdraw to cope. By improving the relationship within yourself you will feel confident in relating to others.

Communication: When you need more space or more connection you will feel safe expressing it. When you understand your emotions you will get comfortable with experiencing the full range of your feelings so that you can feel seen, heard, and connected in your relationships with others. You will learn how to set boundaries and communicate them so that you become the version of yourself that lives for you, not anyone else.

What is Included?

  • ​Complimentary debrief of your customized results from your quiz

~We will scratch the surface with your results of the attachment style quiz and start to identify what style resonates with you.

  • 1x 60-min private deep-dive call via zoom every single week

~We will work closely together weekly on tools, skills and healing to create lasting change with an experienced coach supporting you. Having a 1:1 coach has often been the catalyst for my transformation in terms of support in all areas of my life. I love having someone who has been there before and can get me to my destination quicker because they can see my blindspots that I may have never seen.

  • Unlimited text/voice messaging support Monday-Friday via Telegram

~In between our weekly calls you will be able to get unlimited support.

  • Any resources /deliverables that will support your continued growth journey.

~Meditations, hypnosis, book recommendations, worksheets will be delivered as needed.

  • FREE Complimentary access to any group programs, masterclasses, or offers that I launch during our coaching time together.

It's time to transform the way you experience love!

What Happens Next...

Upon checking out you'll receive a "Welcome" email that will have the link to book your first call as.

Book your call within the first week of you enrolling and that will officially kick off our 3 months together.

On our first call you'll be provided with the invitation to the Telegram chat for your unlimited support.

**Feel free to message if you have any questions regarding the program on

Instagram @marapalermo