What is Your

Attachment Style?

Attachment Theory is the foremost predictor of the quality and success of your relationships,

be they romantic, familial, or platonic.

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What Are the Four Attachment Styles?

Relationships can sometimes evoke feelings of anxiety or insecurity. It’s possible that fears of abandonment prompt you to seek additional comfort and security in forming connections, and you are quick to perceive when someone seems to be distancing themselves.

Relationships can sometimes induce feelings of confusion and overwhelm, as you might often be anxious and reserved. Your demeanor can fluctuate between being “hot and cold” depending on the connection, leading to uncertainty about your own emotions.

For you, relationships tend to be comfortable and effortless. You excel in expressing your needs and emotions, and you find openness and vulnerability to be natural. However, you might find it challenging when others are not as at ease with these aspects as you are.

Relationships often overwhelm you with intense emotions, prompting you to distance yourself from others. Your desire for independence can lead to difficulties in your interactions and internal strife.