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Free yourself from imposter syndrome, perfectionism and overthinking in business, and start accessing your true potential to thrive, earn and impact.

By Mara Palermo & Guest Business Coach Lauren Saunders


You're an ambitious business owner

You know deep down who you really are, and what you're really capable of-- but tired of feeling held back or getting caught up in cycles of self-sabotage

You’re ready to…

  • Feel totally unleashed in your business and in your ability to earn and impact as much as you desire to

  • No longer feel held back by that over-thinking brain of yours, or the uncertainty it’s trying to convince you of

  • Access the potential you deep down know you have, and feel unstoppable in showing up every day, building your business with ease and confidence

  • Become Freed for good from anything and everything that’s holding you back or slowing you down– you’re ready to release procrastination, imposter syndrome and any lingering doubt or fear in your business


I see you there, 

and I know you likely resonate with one
or more of the following...

  • Sometimes (or often) feeling like a fraud: plagued by imposter syndrome, doubting your abilities, and fearing that others will "find you out" and confirm your worries that you're not qualified or enough to be attracting the results you want and deserve

  • A fear of failure: struggling with perfectionism, setting unrealistically high standards, and fearing mistakes or any form of perceived failure, which leads to paralysis and difficulty taking risks

  • Analysis paralysis: overthinking every decision,  getting stuck in a loop of over-analyzing without taking decisive action, which hinders productivity and progress in your business endeavors and what you're able to achieve

  • Lack of confidence: struggling to believe in yourself and your capabilities, resulting in missed opportunities, self-sabotage, and an inability to effectively communicate your needs, ideas, boundaries or value to others

  • Limiting beliefs: being held back by negative self-talk, deeply ingrained beliefs about not being "good enough," or feeling undeserving of success and recognition which hampers personal growth and limits career advancement

  • Inability to fully enjoy success: despite achieving milestones or accomplishments, constantly second-guessing your achievements, attributing them to luck or external factors, and being unable to fully appreciate and celebrate your own successes

  • Fear of rejection and criticism: disapproval from others, leading to avoidance of challenges and risks, and ultimately limiting professional growth and financial advancement in your business

Does any of this sound familiar?



  • RID YOURSELF OF ANXIOUS ENERGY: Instead of overthinking in your business, you feel calm and confident, knowing it's safe to receive and be seen.             

  •  OVERCOME IMPOSTER SYNDROME: Develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence to overcome doubt and imposter syndrome

  • BREAK FREE FROM THE PERFECTIONISM TRAP: address perfectionism tendencies and embrace a growth mindset to foster continuous improvement.

  • ACCEPT YOURSELF: feeling deserving of success — without needing to over give or strive for perfection to feel accepted by others

  • FEEL EMOTIONALLY FREE AND STABLE: build emotional resilience and navigate challenges with grace, trust and ease

  • CREATE IMPACTFUL AND PROSPEROUS RELATIONSHIPS IN BUSINESS: cultivate healthier, more fulfilling and more prosperous relationships, both personally and professionally

I know firsthand what it feels like to live in a state of anxiety, frustration and determination to create true, lasting change from within so that I can make an impact in my business!


I also know how to make it happen~~

Attachment theory is a psychological framework that provides a powerful lens through which we can understand the root causes behind many of the pain points mentioned earlier.

This framework focuses on the bonds we form with others and is highly relevant to the challenges faced in business.

At its core, attachment theory explores the patterns of connection and emotional bonds we form with others, which shape our relationships and influence our behaviors and emotions. In business, feeling secure within yourself and your endeavors is crucial for success.

Let's explore how attachment theory connects with the pain points mentioned earlier:

Setting Boundaries: A secure attachment style enables individuals to establish and maintain clear boundaries. It allows you to communicate your needs, say no when necessary, and protect your time and energy. If you find it challenging to set boundaries, it may be rooted in an anxious attachment style, characterized by a fear of abandonment and a heightened need for reassurance which may lead to difficult asserting boundaries, resulting in overwhelm and burnout. An avoidant attachment style may make it challenging to establish connections and collaborate effectively. Understanding your attachment style can help you develop healthier boundary-setting strategies in your business.

Procrastination: Procrastination often stems from an avoidant attachment style. Fear of failure, rejection, or judgment can lead to delaying tasks or avoiding important responsibilities altogether. By recognizing these underlying anxieties and developing strategies to overcome them, you can break free from the cycle of procrastination and enhance productivity in your business.

Perfectionism: Perfectionism in business can be driven by various attachment styles. Anxious attachment may manifest as a desire for external validation and the fear of making mistakes. Avoidant attachment might lead to setting impossibly high standards to avoid criticism or judgment. Exploring your attachment style and its influence on perfectionistic tendencies can help you develop a healthier and more balanced approach, fostering growth and innovation.

Understanding Attachment Theory within the business context allows you to address the underlying causes of these pain points. By cultivating a secure attachment style, you can enhance your self-confidence, improve collaboration, and build healthier professional relationships. By developing awareness this  will create a space for  productivity, creativity, and success.

Are you ready to become unattached and magnetic AF?


Have We Met Yet?


I'm Mara!  As a relationship and attachment coach, I specialize in guiding women through this process. Together, we explore attachment patterns, heal past wounds, and develop the skills and mindset needed to thrive in business. By integrating attachment theory into your professional journey, you can unlock your full potential, cultivate meaningful connections, and achieve fulfillment in both your personal and business endeavors.


I have been on my own attachment journey for years. I have walked many miles in your shoes. I know the feeling of waking up being a slave to my mind, and have no idea why or even where it comes from. 


I totally understand the heart-crushing and “stuck” feeling that comes from repeating behaviors you have tried so hard to change just to fall back into the same patterns. I have seen my relationship anxiety play out over and over in painful events, even-though I was working on myself, I am "aware" and knew better.


I was struggling to trust and give people the benefit of the doubt, feeling constant anxiety around my personal & professional relationships, putting up

walls to feel safe, avoiding my emotions and then I started avoiding relationships because I couldn't trust myself to be in a relationship with a partner.


Working through past experiences and healing has not been a smooth ride. In fact it was like riding a rollercoaster. I was up and down, always starting and stopping, trying to figure out the answer because I wasn't sure what I really needed to do to create real change. Does this sound familiar to you?


 I’ve always been a little stubborn and determined and  I suppose this has served a purpose because I never gave up and knew I wanted more out of life. I spent a lot of time and resources for over a decade on countless courses, therapy, strategy, workshops, training,  and certifications, you name it I did it.

All To be happier, more confident, and feel better about myself and attract the “right” partner. and soul people.  Why was I still feeling insecure, alone, and stuck in my patterns, habits and behaviors?


It doesn't matter the amount of knowledge you gained, unconsciously your body still reacts and your mind spirals before you get the chance to practice the tools that you learned and that’s painfully exhausting. 


Once I broke the cycle and became more present and attuned to myself, I gained a profound

understanding of what it truly takes to cultivate lasting change. This inner transformation

resulted in a deep sense of security within myself. As a result, I was able to harness

my newfound clarity and confidence to create the desired results in my business.


There is a simple way to take your business to the next level by gaining the

knowledge you’ve been missing and implementing new strategies?

Not developing awareness of your own patterns or taking the time to

understand the different attachment styles can lead to repetitive confusion in

your relationships and/or business.


Through our collaborative efforts, you can develop a new, fully integrated way to reprogram your

attachment style within the context of your business. By addressing the painful patterns that have

obstructed your path, you can pave the way for finding and maintaining healthy, authentic relationships with your

soul-aligned connections so you can reach your true potential for impact and income.. Achieving this

alignment is not only possible but transformative, opening up new possibilities for growth and success.

Meet Your Guest Coach

Hello beautiful soul-- I'm Lauren. I'm a business and success coach for soul-led creatives and entrepreneurs, and I've spent the past 5 years supporting business owners from around the world to create life-changing results from the inside, out. I'm also the creator of The Aligned Entrepreneur.

From art teacher to multiple 6-figure business owner, I've learned repeatedly along my own journey and in supporting countless others, that who we're being in our businesses ultimately determines our results.

It is the energy behind the action that dictates where those actions take us in terms of financial outcomes, and I can speak this truth from (a LOT of) personal experience.

Those who have done the work to feel free, uninhibited, and secure within themselves, magnetize results time and time again, and usually within about half the time and effort put forth by others.

I'm ecstatic to be delivering an exclusive module inside Freed, teaching how to align your business model and action-taking with your unique attachment style, so that you can continuously show up from a place of internal security, wholeness, and unattached magnetism.

Copy of Copy of The Secure Heart.png

It’s time to access your full potential…introducing,

Freed: Unleashing Your True Potential


Freed is an empowering 4-week course designed to liberate entrepreneurs from the shackles of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and overthinking in business. This transformative program aims to help participants break free from self-doubt, embrace their unique abilities, and tap into their true potential to not only thrive but also make a significant impact.


Imposter syndrome, a prevalent phenomenon in today's competitive world, can hinder professional growth and hold individuals back from realizing their true worth. In the Freed course, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, healing attachment styles to overcome imposter syndrome. You will develop the necessary mindset to conquer self-limiting beliefs and step confidently into your role as thriving entrepreneurs, leaders, and service providers.


Perfectionism, often seen as a virtue, can actually become a hindrance when it becomes paralyzing and prevents progress. Freed equips participants with practical tools and techniques to quiet the noise of overthinking and make more confident and informed choices. Through mindfulness exercises, cognitive reframing, and nervous system regulation, participants inside Frees will learn to trust their intuition and optimize their productivity in their business.

Are you ready to become Freed?

This course uniquely combines the healing of attachment styles with overcoming business blocks that are holding you back, by uncovering and repatterning core beliefs, you will be empowered to thrive in life and business.


Each week we’ll be delivering a new module (outlined below) designed to bring you back into alignment with who you really are– someone who’s free to manifest their full potential as a soul-led business owner.  Are you ready to embark on this liberating journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Join Freed today and unleash your true potential!


Week 1: Awaken (with Mara)


Inside Module 1, you'll get the ultimate key to finally set yourself free, by gaining a deeper understanding of the real cause of overthinking, perfectionism and imposter syndrome, as it shows up for to you specifically.


You'll begin to see exactly where you've been unknowingly seeking safety, security and validation in your business, creating attachment, resistance and blocking your desired outcomes (and often the actions that lead to them) from flowing to and through you with ease.


Module 1 will transport you into an entirely new chapter in your business: one where you're consciously aware of exactly what you need and when you need it, so that you no longer waste time or spin your wheels searching in all the wrong places, or doing hours worth of mindset work that won't make the difference you're ready for.


Week 2: Rewrite (with Mara)


In Week 2, we'll start to rewrite, repattern and reprogram the personal and habitual thoughts and emotions that have been keeping you in loops of unwanted behaviours and outcomes in business.


The Freed approach will have you begin to understand your patterns on a deep, somatic level, so that you know exactly what you personally need in order to begin meeting your own emotional needs in a way that makes a lasting and long-term impact.


By the end of Module 2, you'll have begun to think and feel in alignment with the most free and uninhibited you, by meeting (instead of ignoring or bypassing) the parts of you that have up until now been slowing your progress or holding you back.


Week 3: Release (with Mara)

In Module 3, we'll design and begin implementing the custom modalities to start meeting your needs internally, teaching your brain, body and nervous system safety from within, and releasing the need to control or seek safety altogether.


This is truly where the magic happens, because through a targeted approach to healing your attachment style, you'll begin to immediately shift into a new way of being in your business: one where YOU are the source of your security, allowing you to find freedom in showing up and thriving as your most unapologetic and authentic self.

Week 4: A Nervous System-Aligned Business (with Lauren)


Inside Module 4, Lauren will help you to identify and restructure the parts of your business or business approach that are out of alignment for you, personally, and likely causing triggers based on your personal attachment style.


By tweaking your approach, you'll stop unknowingly triggering (and reactivating) or wounds and re-visiting the old mental & emotional programs that keep you in loops of unwanted outcomes or repeated patterns of self-sabotage.


By getting your nervous system on board with your business, ALL parts of you can move forward with power, conviction and magnetism.

It’s time to set yourself Free!

Join Freed!

Join before Thursday, August 10th at 10PM ET and get $111 off and personalized support over the four weeks inside weekly livestreams with Mara (foundational round exclusive)

Get lifetime access to Freed for 1 payment of $333
or 3 bi-weekly payments of $122

(regular $444)

(regular $167)

What Happens Next?

Upon checking out, you'll be guided to join the program's members-only Facebook group where all 4 modules will be delivered live over the 5 weeks of our time together.

We're kicking things off together with Module 1 on Wednesday, August 16th at 2PM ET, with subsequent modules dropping each following week.

Over the course of our time together, you'll get the receivables that uncover what's holding you back and by engaging with these receivables, you can expect to experience  a transformation to unlock your true potential, and cultivate a thriving and impactful business journey.

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