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I’m a Relationship Coach.

I’m a dog mom and I love all things beauty-related.

I guide ambitious women to break free from unhealthy patterns, heal their attachment styles, and cultivate harmonious relationships with themselves and others.

have been on my own attachment journey for years.

I've been in your shoes, struggling with the cycle of repeating patterns, relationship anxiety, and a struggle to trust myself and others.

Now I’ve become available to myself, broke the cycle for lasting change, and increased security.

I want to help you break free from toxic relationship patterns, and insecurities and create secure, loving, and healthy relationships ASAP!



Anxious Preoccupied

Relationships can sometimes evoke feelings of anxiety or insecurity. It’s possible that fears of abandonment prompt you to seek additional comfort and security in forming connections, and you are quick to perceive when someone seems to be distancing themselves.


Relationships can sometimes induce feelings of confusion and overwhelm, as you might often be anxious and reserved. Your demeanor can fluctuate between being “hot and cold” depending on the connection, leading to uncertainty about your own emotions.


Relationships often overwhelm you with intense emotions, prompting you to distance yourself from others. Your desire for independence can lead to difficulties in your interactions and internal strife.

Securely Attached

For you, relationships tend to be comfortable and effortless. You excel in expressing your needs and emotions, and you find openness and vulnerability to be natural. However, you might find it challenging when others are not as at ease with these aspects as you are.

Did you know you have an

Attachment Style

that's keeping you stuck?

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Your Relationship Coach

Specializing in guiding ambitious women like you to heal their Attachment Style and create and maintain loving and secure relationships with yourself, and others, and thrive in all areas of your life.

​I have been on my own attachment journey for years. I have walked many miles in your shoes. I know the feeling of waking up being a slave to my mind and having no idea why or even where it comes from. I totally understand the heart-crushing and “stuck” feeling that comes from repeating behaviors you have tried so hard to change just to fall back into the same patterns. I have seen my relationship anxiety play out over and over in painful events, even though I was working on myself, am "aware" and know better. I was struggling to trust and give people the benefit of the doubt, feeling constant anxiety around my personal & professional relationships, putting up walls to feel safe, avoiding my emotions, and then I started avoiding relationships because I couldn't trust myself to be in a relationship with a partner.

Working through past experiences and healing has not been a smooth ride. In fact, it was like riding a rollercoaster. I was up and down, always starting and stopping, trying to figure out the answer because I wasn't sure what I really needed to do to create real change. Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve always been a little stubborn and determined and I suppose this has served a purpose because I never gave up and knew I wanted more out of life. I spent a lot of time and resources for over a decade on countless courses, therapy, strategy, workshops, training, and certifications, you name it I did it.

All To be happier, more confident, and feel better about myself and attract the “right” partner. and soul people. Why was I still feeling insecure, alone, and stuck in my patterns, habits, and behaviors?

It doesn't matter the amount of knowledge you gained, unconsciously your body still reacts and your mind spirals before you get the chance to practice the tools that you learned and that’s painfully exhausting.

Once I became available to myself and I broke the cycle of attracting unavailable partners and know what it takes to cultivate change that lasts resulting in feeling more secure.


Your personal invitation to break free from your attachment trauma and create the love, life, and success that you deeplycrave

  • Uncover the origins of your relational patterns, core beliefs, and unmet needs driving behaviors.
  • Discover methods to reprogram betrayal wounds and improve self-soothing and communication skills.
  • Experience eye-opening insights that initiate healing of old wounds and breaking of unhealthy patterns.
  • Develop a new, fully integrated approach to reprogram your attachment style.
  • Address painful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors obstructing healthy, loving relationships.
  • Achieve authentic alignment with yourself, making it possible to find and maintain connections with your "soul people."

The real value to you is having truly loving, supportive, soulmate connections that feel safe, and connected and fulfill your needs and desires long term.

As The Secure Heart, you break free from your attachment trauma and create the love, safety, and connection that you deeply crave so you can thrive in love, life and/or business.

Imagine stepping into your power and consistently making real-time decisions on how you respond & show up in your relationships in a way that meets your needs.

Overcome attachments to specific people or outcomes in life or business.

Improving the relationship within yourself, overcome imposter syndrome so you will feel confident in relating to others. You will truly know your needs, and express them, so you no longer have to shut down or withdraw to cope.

When you understand your emotions you will get comfortable with experiencing the full range of your feelings so that you can feel seen, heard, and connected in your relationships with others.

Knowing how to set boundaries and communicating them develops the version of yourself that lives for you, not anyone else.


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