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Inside this free masterclass, we're covering:
  • The internal shift that'll free you to become unstoppable, unwavering, and uninhibited in growing your business, income and impact (even if you haven't started yet!)
  • The real (subconscious) source of Imposter Syndrome, doubt and uncertainty in business, and how to leave it behind for good by healing your attachment style and unconscious nervous system responses
  • How to *actually* move past feelings of "not good enough" or unworthiness in your business, by understanding this one simple (but powerful) thing
  • Why changing your mindset might not be working for you, and how to approach energy work in a way that actually creates lasting results and financial growth
  • How to use Attachment Theory to free yourself from what's been holding you back, and begin unapologetically accessing your true earning potential
Meet Your Hosts
Mara Palermo
Mara Palermo is a relationship and attachment coach specializing in guiding women through their attachment journey. By integrating attachment theory into your professional growth, you can unlock your potential, cultivate meaningful connections, and find fulfillment in both personal and business endeavors.

Mara understands the struggle of repeating behaviors despite efforts to change, feeling anxious in relationships, and lacking trust in oneself. She's experienced it firsthand and spent years seeking answers through various courses and therapies. It was a rollercoaster ride of starting and stopping, and trying endlessly to figure out the solution to create real change.

However, she eventually broke the cycle and gained a profound understanding of cultivating lasting change. This transformation empowered her to bring clarity and confidence into her business, achieving her desired results. Mara believes that by developing awareness of your attachment patterns and integrating them into your business, you can overcome repetitive confusion and pave the way for healthy, authentic relationships. This alignment opens up new possibilities for growth and success, helping you reach your true potential for impact and income.
Lauren Saunders
Lauren Saunders is a business coach for energy-first entrepreneurs who understand that frequency and "way of being" (AKA uninhibited!) is the key to their success, and manifesting their desired freedom. As a former high school art teacher, Lauren built her first business doing lash extensions from home back in 2015, leaving her career to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. In 2018, she launched an online course teaching other business owners in the lash industry how to scale their clientele, experiencing her first $20K month and continuing to grow from there. Since then she's coaching clients from all over the world to implement authentic, aligned sales strategies while removing what's holding them back from being truly uninhibited in going after their success. Most recently, Lauren's started a second successful online business creating courses for artists and creatives over at (@loveanddots).

Inside the masterclass Lauren will share how to become virtually unstoppable in business by healing your nervous system, and getting ALL of you on board with creating the success you deserve, and impacting the live you came here to impact.
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